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Are you Keyser Soze?.

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Erwin Blumenfeld. “Hitler / Grauenfresse (Face of Horror) - In 1933, when Blumenfeld was just beginning to concentrate seriously on his photography, he reacted to Hitler’s rise to power in Germany with a photomontage. This outstanding piece of work, probably his most famous photograph, symbolizes and anticipates the dictator’s dehumanization. Following on from the political themes in some of his early collages, he here combined different negatives – a skull and a portrait of Hitler – to make a single print. It was exhibited in Paris in 1937 but had to be withdrawn because the German Ambassador was so incensed by it. In 1943 the American military chose Blumenfeld’s photomontage to drop millions of copies over German cities in the form of a propaganda leaflet. Blumenfeld was, by that time, the world’s highest paid fashion photographer”. 1933. Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands.